Propagation of Yeast With A Home Grown System

We have been propagating all of our own yeast at Odell Brewing Company since at least 2009 when I started, and I’m sure we did it for many years before then too. The benefits of cultivating your own yeast are numerous. It gives the brewery complete control from a few colonies all the way up […]

The Methods and Math of Yeast Counting

One of the most important factors in the quality of fermentation is the number of viable yeast cells in solution to ferment the sugar extracted from the mash into ethanol and CO2. This, in conjunction with the temperature of fermentation and health of the yeast population can be optimized to produce the flavor profile desired. […]

Shedding Some Light on Water Chemistry   

Brewing water can be viewed as the last frontier to many in our industry, but it needn’t be intimidating in the way that quantum mechanics or neuroscience are viewed by many. If you have control of your sanitation and yeast health, you can make good beer. The goal of this blog post is to give […]

Your Award Winning Beer Is Not Sustainable

No, I’m sure you could likely recreate it again flawlessly, that’s not what I mean. If asked, could you tell a consumer how much electricity and water was consumed, or waste created for that gold, silver, or bronze medal? Based on Brewers Association guidelines, 96% of Breweries in Colorado are considered microbreweries or smaller, where […]

The Basics of Kettle Souring

To produce sour beers in a cost-effective and scalable way, brewers are increasingly turning to ‘Kettle Souring’. This is particularly true as canned sour beers gain a foothold in the market (beginning with early adopters like Anderson Valley’s Gose in California and DESTIHL’s Wild Sour Series in Illinois, but now abundant enough in Colorado to […]

Chemical Safety in the Brewery and Hazard Communication Plans

As we all know being a brewer is really just being a glorified janitor. When you’re making the perfect bug food, you better be sure that the only bugs are the ones you want. Because cleanliness is so important, we turn to science to help us out. Chemicals are used to make sure we have […]

Nitro Beers

Introduction to nitro: Nitro is a method of serving beer that utilizes nitrogen gas to offer a unique beer drinking experience It was designed to simulate the pour of traditional cask beer with all the advantages of a modern draught system. A nitro beer is typically characterized by a big thick head, a smooth and […]

So You Want to Add a Brewing Lab?

A Primer on Adding a Brewing Lab on a Budget Quality control, in brewing and other industries, is one of those things that produces dollars indirectly. This is done by increasing process visibility, reducing risk and minimizing destroyed product. When used effectively, it should help to protect a brewery’s reputation. In today’s Colorado craft beer […]

Techniques for Cask Conditioned Beer Production

With the 14th Annual Firkin Rendezvous approaching on February 17, it seems like a good time to discuss cask conditioned beers.  This post is meant to give some examples of procedures to ensure that the beer in the cask is in great shape at the time it’s ready to be tapped and served.  While many […]