The Brewers Co-Op – An Insurance Solution for Colorado Brewers Guild Members

The Colorado Brewers Guild is proud to offer our own full-service insurance agency, the Brewers Insurance Cooperative of Colorado, LLC, or the “Brewers Co-Op.”

The Brewers Co-Op was been created to service the diverse and particular needs of our growing brewers and allied trade partners. Only CBG members will have access to the insurance markets and services the Brewers Co-Op offers.

Members can use the Brewers Co-Op’s services for all of their:

– Commercial Insurance (property, general liability, liquor liability, brewers risk, etc.)
– Professional work-place safety/labor/OSHA support
– Employee Benefits (health, dental, vision, life, disability, etc.)
– Human resource support

The Brewers Co-Op has secured several exclusive insurance markets for our members to consider. The Brewers Co-Op also has the ability to takeover most existing carrier contracts and services.

Importantly, as the Brewers Co-Op grows, and when we have enough participation, we will explore creating our own pooled workers compensation and health insurance products.

Participation in the Brewers Co-Op is another great way to support the Guild: All net profit that the CBG receives from the Brewers Co-Op is earmarked for the CBG’s legislative efforts and to the benefit of the members.

Matt, Myles, and their team manage the day to day operations and are always ready to help. Please reach out to them by e-mailing to see how the Brewers Co-OP can partner with your brewery (and in turn, the Guild) today.

Myles Potter