Draft Line Cleaning – Key to Quality Beer

Introduction Proper cleaning and maintenance of your draft system is just as important as the various CIP methods employed in production. If you neglect your draft system, your beers will suffer! Carbonation, off-flavors, and the appearance of the beer can all be affected by dirty draft lines. The following is a step by step process […]

Permit-Required Confined Space Determination

OSHA is on their way! Well…potentially, so put down your beer because this is a serious topic. As you hopefully have been informed, OSHA is implementing a local emphasis program which includes inspections for breweries. (See OSHA Local Emphasis Program for Breweries blog, October 3, 2017 on Colorado Brewer’s Guild webpage.) Small breweries have the […]

OSHA Local Emphasis Program for Breweries

On August 1, the Colorado Brewers Guild hosted a presentation at Phantom Canyon Brewing in Colorado Springs regarding the upcoming OSHA Local Emphasis Program (LEP) for the beverage manufacturing industry. If your brewery is in the Englewood Area Office (Southern Colorado) you have probably already received a letter outlining the program. While it appears that […]

Enzymes in Brewing

Intro: It’s no big secret in the brewing industry that yeast likes to gobble up sugar to create one of the most magical libations out there. Beer. But where do the sugars come from? How are they created? Sugar Formation The majority of sugars used in the brewing process come from starches that are derived […]

Water is Beer, Or at Least Most Of It

Over the last few years in California where I worked brewing in the San Gabriel Valley there was a cruel and pernicious drought that dried several reservoirs and dropped the water table on several aquifers across the state. You can blame climate change or overexploitation but the fact is that this kind of situation will […]