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Fall Prevention

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to take measures in their workplaces to prevent employees from falling …

Business DevelopmentWebinars

Webinar: Video Made Easy

In this webinar, Seth Gardenswartz of surefi discusses how to easily create Instagram or Facebook video with new or existing …

Business DevelopmentWebinars

Webinar: Working with Special Events and Nonprofits

In this webinar, Robert “Chas” Runco of Runco & Proffitt discusses the various legal issues surrounding breweries and special events. …


Webinar: pH and Titratable Acidity – Understanding what they are, how they differ, and how they can compliment brewing quality control

This webinar presented to you by Beyers Analytical and will educate you on what pH and titratable acidity (TA) are, …

Business DevelopmentTechnical

Webinar: Your Production Footprint and Implementing an Environmental Management System

In this webinar, Erin Cox from Great Divide Brewing covers what resources are already out there to help your brewery …

Business DevelopmentWebinars

Webinar: Crafting Your Pitch

Raising money is never easy, but a strong starting point helps as the initial conversations around your financial needs will …


Webinar: Improved Brewhouse Cleaning using Caustic and Hydrogen Peroxide

In this webinar, Dana Johnson from Birko discusses how to boost your caustic or alkaline cleaner with hydrogen peroxide instead …


Propagation of Yeast With A Home Grown System

We have been propagating all of our own yeast at Odell Brewing Company since at least 2009 when I started, …

Business Development

Findings from the Liquid Arts Research Forum

This past May, the Colorado Brewers Guild and Colorado State University collaborated on the Liquid Arts Research Forum (LARF), during …


The Methods and Math of Yeast Counting

One of the most important factors in the quality of fermentation is the number of viable yeast cells in solution …

Business Development

The People Ingredient

Written by Jason Gladfelter of Brewery Mediation Network Your brewery has all the best parts, the best business model, the …

Business Development

Higher Stakes Require Higher Quality

Article by Rick Wehner / Brewery Finance In a trade brimming with over 6000 US breweries, how does a craft …


Shedding Some Light on Water Chemistry   

Brewing water can be viewed as the last frontier to many in our industry, but it needn’t be intimidating in …


Your Award Winning Beer Is Not Sustainable

No, I’m sure you could likely recreate it again flawlessly, that’s not what I mean. If asked, could you tell …


The Basics of Kettle Souring

To produce sour beers in a cost-effective and scalable way, brewers are increasingly turning to ‘Kettle Souring’. This is particularly …