4 Ways to Foil the Aluminum Shortage

330 and 500 ml. aluminum cans,

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Written by Saxco

  • Plan ahead. Just like you plan to stock the fridge with your ‘go-to’ Pilsner, things will go much smoother if you plan ahead for your can needs. Saxco can help a brewery forecast, secure inventory, and make sure it has what is needed — when needed. Navigating the can disruption is a journey and having a trusted packaging guide can be the difference between getting your product in the marketplace or making it a prisoner of your cold storage.
  • Pick the right Partner. Pick a partner with a proven track record of stability, deep connections and the ability to manage multiple aspects of your business. From cans and ends, to carriers and trays — we have all the supply options for your beer creations. We have reliable and long-standing supplier partners globally. Saxco has the scale to be big enough to matter, but small enough to provide best-in-class service.
  • Be willing to try new things. Who knew you would like peanut butter in your Stout until you tried it? Brewing beer has been around over 5,000 years — now that takes some serious survival skills and willingness to adapt to change. Your brand needs the right packaging to survive all the changing tides. Our survival kit includes a robust stocking program, speed-to-market responsiveness, and innovative packaging solutions. Knowing what sells on the shelf & having available inventory that will work for you is our jam.
  • Do you need a plan B? That hip restaurant you want to go hang out at might be back open, but it also might have a three-hour wait. So, you need to have a Plan B. If your current supplier is not a strategic partner, you might need a backup plan. Having a backup supplier that can anticipate your needs can make or break your production schedule. Even with a current supply stream, things still can go sideways in this environment. Having multiple packaging contacts at your fingertips that can execute is never a bad thing. It might mean switching to a 16-ounce package or moving your canning date to get that 12 ounce you have had your heart set on. A Plan B can give your company a major peace of mind.
  • Bonus tip: We all know the saying ‘you get what you pay for.’
    Just like when you are shopping for new work boots … if you go to the big box store, they last two months-maybe. If you spend the extra money and effort to buy a hand-crafted brand, built with premium material — they can last decades, with a free resole option to boot! Now that’s money well spent.