CSU Student Posters – Spring 2020 Compilation

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Each semester fermentation students at CSU prepare and present a research project. You can find the Spring 2020 poster presentations here:
CSU Student Posters – Spring 2020 Compilation

Research topics include:

  • Detection of Brettanomyces vs Saccharomyces with Oculyze BB 2.0
  • Liberation of Glycosidically-Bound Aromatics in Hops by “Rapidase Revelation”
  • Difference Testing on Hot Steep Malt Extraction
  • Analytical and Sensory Comparison of Hops Aged for 1-3 Years in the Production of Méthode Traditionnelle Style Beer
  • Head Retention of Draft Beers and How Prior Glass Treatments Affect This
  • Characterizing Bioaccumulation of Zinc in Saccharomyces SP. in a Production Brewery Over Multiple Generations by ICP-MS
  • The Effect of pH and Titratable Acidity on Perception of Acidity in Sour Beers