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Tom Moseman - Mythmaker Brewing - FORT COLLINS

We recently sat down with Tom Moseman, Owner & Brewer, at Mythmaker Brewing in Fort Collins to chat about the inner-workings at Mythmaker.

In case you missed their beer at Collaboration Beer Fest last year, you’ll want to read on to see exactly WHAT they put in the beer that made it, well, appropriate enough to eat for breakfast.

This year they are teaming up with Odell Brewing Sloan’s Lake and Left Hand Brewing with separate collaboration beers for Collaboration Beer Fest on March 30th. Collab Fest is known as Colorado’s favorite beer fest with more than 100 unique beers made solely for the fest every year, you’ll want to be sure to grab tickets before it’s too late.

Click on the Collab Fest logo right there to learn more about the fest.

What does craft beer mean to you?

To me, craft beer is a movement that embodies creativity, hospitality, and community. It’s about doing what you love and sharing your passion with your guests. It’s just a bonus for the guests that my passion is making delicious beers!

What is your brewing philosophy/How would you describe your style?

I like to showcase the varieties of beer that can be made and how they became styles. I brew a little bit of everything and curate my beer menu to ensure we have something on tap for every palate. Traditional styles are on tap, alongside more modern styles and experimental beers. Most of our offerings are single small-batch beer brewed by hand.

We will always have something on tap from straw to black, sweet to sour, hoppy to malty, and sessionable to big and bold. Our beer list is ever-evolving and seasonal. It takes a lot of thought and planning and I am particularly proud of it.

What's your favorite collaboration brew and why?

My favorite so far was ‘It’s Pronounced Bayg-Ale’, a collab with Snowbank Brewing for Collaboration Fest 2023. I tend to challenge myself more when doing collabs. We had to figure out how to make everything bagels work in a beer.

We ended up making a Rye Ale and using 2nd runnings to make a sort of Kvass with the bagels. Then blended them together after fermentation.

What's your favorite beer on tap right now and why?

As a seasonal drinker, our ‘Serious Moonlight’ American Brown Ale is my favorite beer on tap at the moment. I feel like the style isn’t as prominent as it once was and fewer breweries are brewing it. It’s the ultimate chilly weather beer that relies on a beautiful balance between malty, slightly roasty, and a resinous hoppy finish.

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