17 Questions with Dave Simmons – Pug Ryan’s Brewery


Name and title: My name is David Simmons and I’m the person in charge of the beer at Pug Ryan’s Brewery in Dillon. The title on my business card reads “Problem solver / Problem”

What was your first job in craft beer?

I’d say my first job in craft beer was drinking it and being judgmental.

Did you have a different career path before you worked in craft beer?

I’ve held 17 different different jobs before this one (that I’ve had for 18 yrs) and I really have no idea what I’d be doing otherwise but I’m sure I’d still be drinking craft beer regardless.

What is the favorite part of your job?

There are many aspects of my job that I love- mostly the fact that I get to drink great beer all day…  Which is also the most dangerous part.

What is your favorite food and beer paring?

If I’d have to pin-point a favorite food and beer pairing(which is tough because I love so many), I’d have to say it would have been when I was at the Andechs monastery in Germany where I had their schwienhaxen while drinking their Dunkel.  OMG! Definitely one of the moments that made me love Lagers the way I do.

When you’re not working, you’re ________.

When I’m not working I’m playing in the high country where I live or chilling in my little Cabin on the hill.

What other Colorado craft brewer are you finding inspiration from recently and why? 

It’s easy to find inspiration from many different craft brewers in Colorado because the flood gates are open and brewers are going crazy out there.

What was the last movie you watched?

Last movie I watched was” Star Wars: The force awakens” and it was Fucking awesome!!

What was the last book you read?

Last book  was Deen Koontz, “Odd Thomas series conclusion”.

What is your favorite TV show?

Favorite t.v. show is “walking dead”.  as you can tell, I like fantasy/ Sci-fi.

Why do you think Colorado is the State Of Craft Beer?

Colorado is the state of craft beer because it’s the perfect match.,  The mountains, the people, the attitude, the beer.  They all feed off each other.

What degree(s) did you earn in college?

A masters degree in the school of hard knocks.  taught myself.  I don’t listen well.

 If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I love to travel and there are many places I still want to visit.  But no matter where I go, I’m always glad to come home to Summit county and that’s how I know I’m still living in the right place.

When was the last time home-brewed?

I’ve never home brewed.  Just got thrown into the fire.  When I screw up, I screw up big!

What beer(s) are in your fridge right now?

Beers in my fridge- Pug Ryans peacemaker pilsner and hideout Helles. Deschutes Black Butte xxvI.  Liefmans Goudenband. Ommegang game of thrones blonde ale.  Perennial artisan ales vermillion Barleywine

 Tell us one fun fact about yourself most people don’t know.

Fun fact about myself that most people don’t know- I’m not really bald.  My hair just migrated to my back

What is your go-to hangover cure?

The best hangover cure is exercise.  Sweat out the demons then get back on that pony and ride!!!

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