Singo Musical Bingo at Goat Patch Brewing Company

Join us on September 14th at 3pm for GPB’s FIRST EVER Singo Musical Bingo! 🍻

WHO? You and whoever you want to play with.

WHAT? Singo is a new and exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music. We are trying this out for the first time so it will be a hilarious mix of music and confusion ALL FOR FREE!

WHEN? September 14th at 3pm

WHERE? GPB Event Room #2 aka detention aka twine lab.

WHY? Because we love music, bingo, fun and… FREE EVENTS!

Dancing not required | Singing encouraged

*It will be our first time hosting, don’t judge us if we have some hiccups!*

Goat Patch Brewing Company
2727 N. Cascade Avenue #123
Colorado Springs, CO 80907