Metal & Mayhem Adult Yoga at Goat Patch Brewing Company

One hour, all levels, *FREE* class where jeans are allowed, beers are drank, and swearing is welcome (if you feel the need).

Bringing her signature NYC style of “it’s okay to be angry”, Stacy Lynn from Hot Asana Yoga Studio Colorado Springs will be leading you through a dynamic flow full of poses and humbling moments all to a masterfully curated playlist of metal music. From Black Sabbath to Tool, to Anicon and Sleep, unleash your inner stresses to find physical and emotional release.

As Stacy says, “You can’t appreciate the light until you know the dark”, so join us for a no rules, head banging, ‘not-a-yoga-class’ class, and mix a little darkness with your enlightenment and get it all out.

Yoga mats available in limited quantity!

Be sure to grab your FREE spot here: