Live Music with Acoustics and Roses at Bruz Brewery Midtown

Jacob Lison has been playing guitar since 1992 and cut his teeth in a few bands before he went on to
form a group called, Elf Lettuce, which later became, The Sandrose Band. They landed a weekly gig in
Madison, WI playing with the drummer behind James Brown’s power house of funk, Clyde Stubblefield.
Because Jerry Garcia was his biggest influence, he was ecstatic to eventually play a show with Melvin
Seals, organ virtuoso for the Jerry Garcia Band.
After he landed in Boulder, Jacob began performing with an amped up acoustic guitar, using a loop pedal
to lay down chord tracks while layering solos on top to provide a seamless delivery of rhythm & lead. He likes to play his original music and also covers his favorite genres, including anything from 60’s
psychedelic rock n’ roll & blues, to improvisational jazz-funk grooves. Jacob says that the main reason he plays live music is to bring joy and release to the audience wherever he performs and hopes to see you at his next show!

Bruz Beers Brewery
1675 W 67th Ave #100
Denver, CO 80221