Joyride and Little Machine Collab Pre-Party

Join us for a Collab Fest pre-party where we’ll have a party bus running between our two breweries while we release our two Collab Fest beers!

Joyride and Little Machine collaborated on West Side is the Blessed Side, a Belgian style Tripel that was brewed at each of our breweries, and blessed by Father Wes at local St. Dominic’s church. Then we changed it up a little. Joyride added 3 types of white wine grapes to fermentation, while Little Machine added Pinot Noir grapes to theirs. We are releasing both on Friday the 24th, and will have a party bus running between the two breweries between 6-10pm so you can try them both! Start at Joyride, or start at Little Machine…either way, don’t miss this awesome opportunity!