Fiesta de Independencia

We are celebrating the many Independence days across Central America and Mexico by having one big party!

The highlight of the event will be the release of our newest Imperial Pulque, Moctezuma III with Prickly Pear. It has been aging for quite some time in our tequila barrels, and it is truly delicious. Here are the details:

MOCTEZUMA III with Prickly Pear
The story of Moctezuma is one of inspired creation and tragic destruction. Moctezuma I grew the Aztec Empire beyond the imagination, to the vibrant shores of the “Sea of the Sky”. Moctezuma II outdid his namesake and brought the Empire’s reach to its absolute peak, before it was shattered by the brutal waves of history.

We honor the two previous Moctezumas with our own “Imperial” Pulque. In the spirit of creation, we let the flavors of the maguey reach their fermented zenith, achieving a deep tartness and complexity that is then enhanced by both time and the addition of prickly pear within tequila barrels. Aromas of apricot, vanilla, and white pepper bring complexity to the tart and sweet flavors of the maguey and prickly
10% ABV, Gluten-Free
Available on draft and in 22oz bottles, both in highly limited quantities.

We are also pleased to feature a pop-up restaurant in the brewery for that day, featuring Raquela Serber with her “Mexterranean” cuisine -ELITA-. This is going to be a real treat (Dinner only starting around 4 or 5).

Live entertainment is pending, so watch for updates.