Dad Bod Competition

Father’s Day. We host a gathering of gladiators.

We like men with dad bods. It generally means they enjoy hoppy IPAs or rich milk stouts. We like those kinds of people. So we’re inviting them to the brewery to show us what they’ve got.

We are hosting a Dad Bod Competition to raise some money and awareness for mens’ health alongside the great organization Pints for Prostates on Sunday, June 16. Pints for Prostates will be here to collect donations and chat about their mission.

Here’s the rundown: you and your dad bod will navigate an obstacle course designed to test your fatherly mettle. Carry full grocery bags in one trip. Turn off some lamps along the way. Sink a putt. And wash a car while flaunting your best dad bod.

Contestants will be judged on overall performance including time, panache, sexiness, and ability to express disappointment, not anger.

Winners will receive a trophy of some sort. And beer. Of course, beer.

So, all that being said: WE NEED YOU TO PARTICIPATE! Send us your names. Sign up. We need to collect numbers of contestants and their names. Shoot an email to, come ask one of our bartenders to take your name down at the taproom, or hit us up on Facebook.

You DO NOT have to ACTUALLY be a dad to participate. You just need to have a dad bod. Muscular, gym rat dudes will probably lose. Alls we’re sayin’.

Show us what you got.

Station 26 Brewing Co.
7045 E. 38th Ave
Denver, CO 80207