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Jan 01 - 31 2022


Celebrate when you can!
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Craft Your Own Big Beers

We want you to plan a celebration for Big Beers wherever you are!
Since we can’t gather for 2022, DigitalPour is creating our app with the list of beers from our Big Beers breweries that you can seek out wherever you are to celebrate through the month of January.
The breweries have offered notes about where and when those beers will be available, whether to celebrate in their tap room, to go, and/or to purchase at your local specialty beer store.
In addition, we have resources and ideas for you on our Big Beers landing page: use our logo, our placemat, our poster, and our social media images to promote or share your celebration with us!
Share with #bigbeers22 and feel free to tag us @bigbeersfestival wherever you are posting! (@bigbeersfest for Twitter)
Please thank the people who are making this possible when you can: Misty Gordon, DigitalPour, Brewery Finance, and Antigo Zeon.

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