Collaboration Fest Beer Releases

On Friday March 15th, we’ll release both of our Collab Fest beers in the taproom. Bits & Pieces con cerveza is the food truck!

Brewed in collaboration with Spice Trade Brewing, Palo Santo is a 9.6% golden strong with a South American influence. Kettle-soured, it is fermented with 100% brett from Inland Island Yeast Laboratories and uses palo santo wood, a holy wood that imparts flavors of lemons, mint, menthol, and oranges. Viognier grape juice was added during primary fermentation, and with the addition of purple corn, we’ll have both a white wine and ‘red’ wine version.

SAHTI: 8.3%
Sahti was brewed in collaboration with Altitude Chophouse and Brewery in Laramie, Wyoming. A traditional Sahti, it makes use of copious amounts of juniper berries. The batch was then split, half aged in a Wyoming Whiskey barrel, the other half on rye whiskey-infused Aspen wood.

The Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project
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