Cerberus X Collaboration Release

Can’t be in Denver for Collab Fest? No problem: Cerberus Brewing is tapping the Colorado Springs Collab Brew at 11AM! 8 different Colorado Springs breweries came together to brew a Wine Hybrid, Que Syrah Syrah. Que Syrah Syrah is a Wine Hybrid with a light Saison base and Syrah grape must.
Que Syrah Syrah was brewed for Collaboration Fest and Colorado Craft Beer Week by Cerberus Brewing, Red Leg Brewing, Dueces Wild Brewery, FH Beerworks, Fossil Craft Beer, Goat Patch Brewing, JAKs Brewing, and Pikes Peak Brewing.

Cerberus Brewing Company
702 W Colorado Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905