Castle Rock Music Fest & Crawfish Boil
Castle Rock Music Fest & Crawfish Boil
Our first crawfish boil was very well-attended and we suspect (no, we know) this one is gonna be the same kind of a lovely ruckus. The beer is brewed and ready to rush down your gullet. The mud bugs are awaiting capture and a flight to Colorado. All that’s left is getting you here to BURLY to have fun with all of this that is BURLY!
This is, of course, a family-friendly affair. Bring ‘em all!
Just like every ticketed event, it’s gonna be cheaper to get pre-pre-pre everything. Put your finger (or for some of you, your cursor) HERE for tix.
We’re doing live music, cubed. Three bands to play BURLY and without further ado:
12:00p -1:30p Jon E. Boothe & The Night Watch
2:00p – 3:30p Emma Mayes & The Hip
4:00p – 6:00p Tejon Street Corner Thieves
Let’s do this up #BURLYstyle
…And…the following day is Father’s Day. Go figure. BURLY will be hosting a bit of a party for all the dads out there. Bring the entire family as we’ll have a bounce house, some games, the parking lot will be barricaded off and there will more than likely be BURLY beer involved! Come check it out!!

BURLY Brewing Co.
680 Atchison Way
Castle Rock, CO 80109