Canvas and Cocktails Starry Jack at Bruz Beers (Midtown)
**This class will be hosted AT Bruz Beers (not offered online).**
Bruz Beers – 1675 W 67th Ave #100, Denver 80221′
Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas!!! Join us for an awesome event at Bruz Beers (Midtown location)! Canvas and Cocktails is so excited to be back out in the community doing our painting classes at the very best craft breweries in Denver!
Our instructor will walk you through this awesome Halloween painting while you enjoy fun music and amazing craft beer from Bruz! Just paint, sip, relax… repeat!
$35 includes all painting materials, one 16″x20″ canvas, and step by step instruction!
Bruz Beers – 1675 W 67th Ave #100, Denver 80221
Please note that this class will be hosted AT Bruz Beers and will not be offered online.
*Let us know if there is a group or another person you want to sit with so that we can create a seating chart prior to your arrival.*
Please be aware that there will likely be communal seating at this event. We will be adhering to any COVID-19 protocols that are set up by the venue. Canvas and Cocktails is not responsible for exposure to COVID-19 or any other illness.

Bruz Beers Brewery
1675 W 67th Ave #100
Denver, CO 80221