The Colorado Brewers Guild’s 25th Beerthday Party

Order some independently brewed local beer for pickup or delivery (see the list of what we’re drinking below), then crack it open and kick back with the Colorado Brewers Guild on Zoom for an afternoon of fun in celebration of everything that makes Colorado the State of Craft Beer.

You’ll get to hear amazing stories from some of craft beer’s luminaries. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Cheers to Our Sponsors

Beerthday sponsors

Thank you to On Tap Credit Union, CanSourceCrafted ERP, Gum Pop Presents, Fermly, Inland Island Yeast Laboratories, Malteurop Malting Company, Propagate LabRunco & Proffitt, P.C., Thirst ColoradoTurn It Up Media, and Weist Capitol Group for their support of independent craft brewers.



1:00 PM MDT: Welcome

Welcome with MC Dave Bergen (Joyride, CBG)

Featured Beer:

  • Joyride – Ice Cutter Kölsch


1:05 PM: A Chat with the Founders

Eric Wallace (Left Hand), Doug Odell (Odell), Kim Jordan (New Belgium), Jeff Brown (Boulder Beer), Jeff Mendel (Tabernash, Left Hand), Tara Dunn (CBG), Mark Youngquist (Dolores River), Tom Hennessy (Colorado Boy), Mike Bristol (Bristol Brewing)

Featured Beers:

  • Bristol – Yellow Kite Summer Pils
  • Boulder Beer – Mojo IPA
  • Dolores River Brewery – Class V IPA, and ESB
  • Great Divide
    • Denver Pale Ale
    • Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale
    • Titan IPA
  • Left Hand – Sawtooth Amber Ale
  • Left Hand – Colorful Colorado Pale Ale
  • Odell – 90 Shilling


2:05 PM:  The Art and Science of Sours

Troy Casey (Casey), Peter Bouckaert (Purpose)


2:40 PM: Beer Pairing at Home Like You Mean It, Own It, and Live It

Julia Herz (Brewers Association)

See the list of beer styles and preparation notes here.


3:15 PM: Nontraditional Beers: THC, Gluten Free, Pulque, and Chicha, and Beyond

Judd Belstock (Dos Luces), Karen Hertz (Holidaily), Keith Villa (CERIA), Ed Sealover (Denver Business Journal)

Featured Beer:

    • Indiewave IPA. Perhaps the only Colorado made non-alcoholic craft IPA. Dry hopped with Amarillo and Cascade for an intense citrus and orange character that is balanced by a slightly caramel malt backbone. At 0.0% ABV, you can drink a bunch.
    • Indiewave IPA infused with 10 mg THC/10 mg CBD
  • Dos Luces 
    • Chicha Inti – Our classic Chicha, inspired by Inca traditions. Malted Colorado blue corn and clove, 5.5% ABV, Gluten-Free. Dark in color, but sweet and light in taste, Chicha Inti provides a well-balanced combination of corn and spices.
    • Cranberry Tepache – Malted blue corn, cranberry and cinnamon, 4.5% ABV, Gluten-Free. Our winter seasonal tepache variation, the cranberry brings a touch of tart flavor to the cinnamon spiciness.
    • Pulque Metztli – Our classic Pulque, inspired by Aztec traditions. Maguey sap (AKA Aguamiel, the same ingredient that makes Mezcal), malted blue corn, and cinnamon, 7% ABV, Gluten-Free. A “backwards sour beer,” Pulque has all of the flavor elements of a sour, with all the complexity that comes with, but it finishes sweet (versus barley beers that tend to finish sour).
    • Chicha Morada – Peruvian purple corn, lime, clove, and cinnamon, Non-Alcohol (Root beer), Gluten-Free. Bright purple in color and sweet in flavor, this is a nice palette cleanser between tastings or goes great on its own.
  • Holidaily
    • BuckWit Belgian – a 4.8% wit style beer made with all gluten free ingredients including buckwheat, orange peel and coriander
    • Beulah Red Ale – created for the Historic Styles Brewfest


3:50 PM: Where Does Local Malt Come From? A Tour with Root Shoot Malting

Emily Olander, Root Shoot Malting


4:20 PM: Music by Chris Murray


4:25 PM: The Great Outdoors: Nature’s Influence on Colorado Breweries

Jordan Fink (Woods Boss), Jason Ford (Broken Compass), Dave Thibodeau (Ska Brewing), Dale Katechis (Oskar Blues), Chad Melis (Turn It Up Media), Matt Cutter (Upslope Brewing Company), Kyle Clark (9News)

Featured Beer:

  • City Star Brewing – All American IPA
  • Odyssey – Cream Ale
  • Oskar Blues
    • Dale’s Pale Ale
    • Can-O-Bliss
  • Over Yonder – Spicy Norwegian Jam – Kveik
  • Woods Boss – Secular Morals – two year barrel aged on a three-Brett blend and two harvest years of Palisade Peaches

4:55 PM: Music by Chris Murray


5:00 PM: Brewers Drinking Other Brewers’ Beers

Jonathan Shikes (Westword), Neil Fisher (WeldWerks), Tim Myers (Strange Craft), Tommy Thacher (Telluride), Chris Fish (Telluride), Dave Thibodeau (Ska Brewing)

Featured Beer:

  • Guanella Pass – Pilsner Pirate, Geneva Basin Baltic Porter, and Red Elephant Biere de Garde


The event isn’t just fun—it’s also a fundraiser for the CBG and will help to ensure that we’re able to continue fighting for the rights of independent craft brewers across the Centennial State.

COVID-19 has already forced the CBG to suspend two of our biggest fundraisers—Collaboration Fest and Colorado Pint Day—and your support in this online Zoom event will help us continue to support breweries so they can survive the impact of the pandemic and stay open for to-go orders and delivery of fresh, local beer.

Party time!

Post what you’re drinking with #HappyBeerthdayCBG and #StateofCraftBeer on Instagram and Twitter, or on the official Facebook event page!

Zoom access info will be emailed the week before the event. Koozies and t-shirts will be mailed after the event.


  • Judd Belstock, Founder, Dos Luces Brewery
  • MC Dave Bergen, Board Chair, Colorado Brewers Guild; Cofounder, Joyride Brewing Company
  • Mike Bristol, Founder, Bristol Brewing Company
  • Jeff Brown, President, Boulder Beer Co. (2002-2019)
  • Troy Casey, Founder, Casey Brewing and Blending
  • Kyle Clark, Anchor, 9News
  • Matt Cutter, Founder/President, Upslope Brewing Company
  • Tara Dunn, Cofounder, Colorado Brewers Guild; Formerly of Great Divide
  • Jordan Fink, Owner/Director of Brewing Operations, Woods Boss Brewing
  • Chris Fish, Cofounder and Brewmaster, Telluride Brewing Co.
  • Neil Fisher, Cofounder and Head Brewer, WeldWerks Brewing
  • Jason Ford, Cofounder and Head Brewer, Broken Compass Brewing
  • Tom Hennessy, Founder, Colorado Boy Brewing Company
  • Karen Hertz, Founder, Holidaily Brewing Company
  • Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director, Brewers Association
  • Kim Jordan, Cofounder, New Belgium Brewing
  • Dale Katechis, Founder, Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Chad Melis, Founder, Turn It Up Media
  • Jeff Mendel, Cofounder, Tabernash Brewing Co.; Partner and Director, Left Hand Brewing Co.
  • Tim Myers, Founder, Strange Craft Beer Company
  • Doug Odell, Cofounder, Odell Brewing Co.
  • Emily Olander, Cofounder, Root Shoot Malting
  • Ed Sealover, Reporter, Denver Business Journal; Author, Mountain Brew: A Guide to Colorado’s Breweries
  • Jonathan Shikes, Beer Writer and Journalist, Westword; Author, Denver Beer: A History of Mile High Brewing
  • Tommy Thacher, Cofounder and President, Telluride Brewing Co.
  • Dave Thibodeau, Founder and President, Ska Brewing
  • Keith Villa, Creator, Blue Moon; Founder, CERIA Brewing Co. and Donavon Brewing Company
  • Eric Wallace, President, Left Hand Brewing Company
  • Mark Youngquist, Founder, Dolores River Brewing Company