2022 Fresh Hop Beers

Fresh hop (also known as wet hop) beers are unique to this time of year. They are made with fresh or wet hops, harvested straight off of the bines, rather than dried hops which are used the rest of the year. The only time to get fresh hops in the Northern Hemisphere is August through […]

Highlights from 25 Years

                                As we wrap up celebrating the Colorado Brewers Guild’s 25th anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few notable things that happened since the Guild was founded. 1995 The Colorado Brewers Guild was founded by breweries […]

2020 Fresh Hop Beers

Fresh hop (also known as wet hop) beers are unique to this time of year, so we’ve gathered a list of breweries that are currently offering them. What makes these beers so unique is that they are made with fresh or wet hops instead of dried hops (which are usually used). August and September are […]

Colorado breweries now allowed to deliver beer directly to consumers during COVID-19 social distancing measures

This week the CBG worked with Governor Polis and the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) to help more breweries get their beer directly to consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in yesterday’s Executive Order D 2020 011 which permits additional liquor licensees to deliver alcohol beyond those traditionally allowed to deliver alcohol until April 18, 2020.  What does […]

Support your local Colorado brewery: Order online

***Update 3/21/2020: Breweries are now temporarily permitted to deliver beer! Thank you to Gov. Polis and the Liquor Enforcement Division for working with the Colorado Brewers Guild to make this happen.*** ***Update 3/19/2020: Thank you to Megan Bleess for creating this map to help you find breweries closest to you for to-go beer orders.*** Support local […]

Colorado Brewers Guild Brews Symposium Ale for Craft Brewers Conference 2019

  Colorado Brewers Guild Brews Symposium Ale for Craft Brewers Conference 2019   DENVER – April 4, 2019 – Each year during the Craft Brewers Conference® & Brew Expo America®, the Brewers Association asks local brewers from the presenting state to collaborate on a beer to serve as the official symposium beer. For this year’s […]

Colorado Breweries Take Home 28 Medals at 2018 World Beer Cup

Colorado brewers hauled in an impressive 28 medals at this week’s World Beer Cup, 23 of those are members of the Colorado Brewers Guild. Colorado’s total medal count was second only to California’s 44 total medals. The competition was part of the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference held in Nashville, TN.  Here are a few other […]

Colorado Ladies Collaborate to Produce Calamity Jane Ale & Spirit…again!

Once again, the women of City Star Brewing and  Spirit Hound Distillers teamed up to brew a fresh batch of Calamity Jane. In the spirit of International Women’s Day in March, the gals got together, rolled up their sleeves and brewed a sahti-inspired ale. The week prior, the ladies harvested Rocky Mountain Juniper boughs and […]

The Secret is Out – Black Project Signs Distribution Agreement

For quite a while now, we’ve been working on different ways to get small quantities of beer to Black Project fans in different markets across the United States. Most of the time, when we attend a beer festival or conference, we just ship beer in advance or bring it with us as cargo. Unfortunately, that […]