Next Stop Brew Co.

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925 W 8th Ave
DENVER, CO 80204

Founded by a globetrotting archaeologist-turned-brewer, Next Stop Brew Co. brings culinary influence from all over the world right into your pint glass with the most unique, yet balanced, groundbreaking brews around.

Digging in the eastern Mediterranean, Andrew Moore grew fascinated by the idea of bringing the flavors of the cuisines that he was falling in love with into the homebrewing recipes he was toying with while stateside in Colorado.

With special attention paid to matching intensity of flavors and cutting, complementing, or contrasting the well-known characters of various beer malts, yeasts, and hops, Next Stop Brew Co.'s beers give the aficionado something new and unique yet also give beer skeptics a more approachable beverage with familiar herbs and spices.

While Next Stop already believes beer is the best drink for pairing with food, we take the concept to the next level: See how Next Stop Rome's sweet Italian basil enhances the flavor or your pizza or burger; let the Next Stop Bangkok improve your pad thai with its lemongrass or -- it's true, thanks to its ginger -- pair it with white fish. Let Next Stop Istanbul whisk you to a Turkish coffee house, or enjoy a pre-bedtime snack of Next Stop Amsterdam -- brewed with chamomile -- paired with macaroons.

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