Denver, CO
www.fermaentra.com 720-261-5371
1715 East Evans Ave
Denver, CO 80210

We are a 7bbl brewery that produces bold, artful, inspired craft beer. We are located in the heart of the University of Denver area at 1715 East Evans Avenue, in Denver, Colorado. Our brews are rooted in traditional style, yet amplified to embody the evolution of American craft beer.

FERMÆNTRA was started by Spencer O’Bryan and Brennan Mann, two homebrewers who decided 3 years ago to open a brewery that embodied their vision of craft beer. Together they have over 16 years of homebrewing experience and with collective backgrounds of engineering, mathematics, finance, music, and art they seek to blend their perspectives and knowledge to bring world-class beer to the DU area. They believe that the best beer is created by balancing art and science and when the two are in harmony, world class beer is created.