FATE Brewing Company

Boulder, CO
fatebrewingcompany.com 303-449-3283
1600 38th Street #1
Boulder, CO 80301

FATE Brewing Company, located at the heart of the craft beer district in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, serves crave-able innovative comfort food alongside craft beer and hand crafted beverages.

FATE Brewing Company was founded in 2013 by Mike Lawinski alongside Head Brewer Jeff Griffith and Head Chef Tim Berry.

We aim to produce beer people like to drink. Beer people seek. Beer that is unexpected.

We see creativity and product innovation as an imperative to running a successful brewery. Luckily we find inspiration for new recipes all around us, from unique ingredients to community members to our craft kitchen.

We may be best known for our 2014 Great American Beer Festival German-Style Kolsch Category gold medal winning Laimas K├Âlsch Style Ale, Moirai Coffee IPA and Tequila Barrel Aged Uror Gose.