Chain Reaction Brewing Company

Denver, CO 303-922-0960
902 S. Lipan St
Denver, CO 80223

After years of home brewing and countless positive comments from friends, family and local brewing industry professionals cousins Zack and Chad Christofferson came together with the idea that this could be the calling in life that both had been searching for. As this idea formed between the two the weekly meetings began and the frequency of brewing went through the roof to ensure every recipe that would be served in the future was tweaked to taste bud tingling perfection. Progressing through the many meetings and brew days Zack and Chad were able to settle on wanting to have a “nanobrewery” of the 1 barrel scale. While this size of system in one way meant more work would be required to keep up with demand it also meant that they would have a great deal of freedom to do small batches and try out many different style and ideas of beer. The hard work and pure dedication to craft beer is what eventually lead the duo to choosing the name Chain Reaction Brewing Company. Once that name crossed into their minds it was an automatic switch that went off that a Chain Reaction is exactly what this whole journey was. Both Chad and Zack came from a hard working family that was deeply devoted to its craftsmanship and producing quality handmade products. While the family crafts varied from family member to family member it didn’t matter if it was cooking, woodwork, metalwork, auto mechanics or agriculture Chad and Zack loved everything about any skilled craft industry. This love of the trades they were born into is what created the Chain Reaction leading them to venture into their own craft industry, the crafting awesome beer industry. The motto around Chain Reaction Brewing Company is one that Zack and Chad apply to not only brewing beer but also living life, that motto is “for every action there is a reaction” and “for every reaction there is an action”.


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