Black Bottle Brewery

Fort Collins, CO 970-493-2337
1611 South College Ave. #1609
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Located in the heart of Midtown Fort Collins, CO. Black Bottle Brewery not only brews awesome beer in its basement but offers a full food menu through its restaurant. With 40 taps we offer a wide selection of our own pride and joy(usually 25-35 BBB beers on tap) but don’t shy away from opening up our taps to our friends around the industry. Bringing in national favorites such as; Jolly Pumpkin, Sierra Nevada, and New Belgium, plus you’ll often find a few taps pouring beers from international breweries. In addition, our coolers are always stocked with a crazy good selection of bottled beers. And if you feel like kickin’ it ole school, you can ask for that 40oz of Old E in a brown paper bag. We won’t judge, promise.