Colorado Craft Beer Week: March 21-29, 2014

Back for the second year under the leadership of the guild is Colorado Craft Beer Week, which is taking place March 21 through 29. This nine-day celebration spans the state at breweries, pubs and restaurants. Dozens of events will showcase brewers and educate beer lovers about Colorado’s experimental and cutting-edge craft beer community.

Colorado Craft Beer Week kicks off with the first-of-its kind Collaboration Festival. “Collaboration Fest was created to showcase the camaraderie between craft brewers near and far,” says manager of the Colorado Brewer’s Guild Steve Kurowski. “The idea of working with another brewers to create a special beer just for this event is truly unique; I’m pretty sure this is the only event of it’s kind in the country and probably the world.”

The lady brewers from Wynkoop, Pikes Peak Brewing, Renegade Brewing, Barrels & Bottles Brewery, Strange Brewing, Epic Brewing, CAUTION: Brewing Co., Bootstrap Brewing, Former Future, and Horse & Dragon Brewery gathered at Big Choice Brewing to brew “The Big C,” a hoppy Belgian-style beer, on behalf of the Pink Boots Society. This is one of the many one-of-a-kind beers to be found at Collaboration Festival on March 22.

Also coming up during Colorado Craft Beer Week are a beer and salsa pairing at Epic Brewing, the New Kids on The Block festival featuring breweries 2 years old or younger, the Western Colorado Beer Celebration in Grand Junction, and the Hops & Handrails beer fest and rail jam at Left Hand Brewing.

Also during beer week will be endless firkins and tap takeovers; new releases from Upslope, Copper Kettle, and Renegade (among many others); beer dinners at Lou’s Food Bar, The Ale House at Amato’s, and Euclid Hall; a half-way-to-Oktoberfest festival at Lone Tree Brewing; and a lot more to come.

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Cheers to the week of The State of Craft Beer!



Beer for Breakfast: Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah

“Six kinds of hot chili peppers go into this firey-ass beer, including the infamous ghost pepper…”

The brewers at Twisted Pine wear masks and gloves to cut ghost peppers for the Ghost Face Killah beer, which also includes anaheim, fresno, jalapeno, serrano, and habanero peppers. “It’s like getting maced in the throat; says Twisted Pine logistics, linguistics, and statistics manager Justin Tilotta, “There’s a select portion of the population we call the heat freaks and that’s why we made [this beer].”

The Food: home-cooked breakfast

The Beer: Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah Chili Beer

Pair Ghost Face Killah with Ice-cream or milk, say the folks at Twisted Pine, because that is all that is going to help you with this brew. Or use it as a kitchen tool, to marinade meats, make sauce, dash on vegetables or in a gravy recipe… wherever you want to bring the heat. This beer for breakfast is available in 12-ounce bottles, and good for people who enjoy drinking sriracha sauce.


Beer For Breakfast: Breckenridge Agave Wheat

If Colorado’s snow would ever let up, we’d all be able to appreciate the thirst-quenching refreshment of a breakfast cocktail made with the state’s finest craft beer. It is May, though, so here’s a morning spritzer that will give your day a boost, and perhaps make it seem warmer than it really is.

Today’s Beer for Breakfast is the Breckenridge Agave Wheat, which Denver’s The Ale House at Amato’s replaces with champagne in their “beermosas”.

The Food: beermosa ~ 1 part orange juice, 1 part agave wheat beer

The Beer:  Breckenridge Brewery Agave Wheat

This American unfiltered wheat ale is infused with naturally sweet agave, making for the perfect sweet, but not too sweet, breakfast concoction. This light-bodied 4.2% ABV beer is the perfect compliment to tangy OJ. Serve it up at home, or hit the Ale House for their weekend BEER-unch. Salut!