About the Colorado Brewers Guild

CBGThe Colorado Brewers Guild (CBG) is the non-profit trade association that promotes and protects the Colorado craft brewing industry. With the majority of the 400+ licensed Colorado breweries as members, CBG provides information for Colorado beer lovers and promotes independent Colorado breweries by advocating on their behalf with policymakers.



Colorado Brewers Guild StaffShawnee Adelson                  Executive Director                                
Tristan Schmid                        Marketing & Events Manager      

Colorado Brewers Guild Board Of Directors 2019

Matt Cutter  – Chair Upslope Brewing
Dave Bergen – Vice Chair Joyride Brewing dave@joyridebrewing.com
Tim Myers Strange Craft Beer
Chris Labbe Periodic Brewing
Tommy Bibliowicz – Treasurer 4 Noses Brewing
Mike Bristol Bristol Brewing
Carol Cochran – Secretary Horse & Dragon Brewing
Justin Baccary Station 26 Brewing
Dave Cole Epic Brewing




Denver - the first brewery in the territory was founded near Cherry Creek. The Rocky Mountain Brewing Company would begin the tradition of what would become Colorado, the state of craft beer. Serving thirsty miners and pioneers seeking their fortune, a Colorado legacy, local beer for local people, was born.


The year before Colorado became a state is important as it represented the high water mark of Colorado brewing before prohibition. Said another way, there were 56 breweries operating, the most at any time before prohibition.


Colorado becomes the 38th state in the Union. The Centennial state is born and has 36 breweries operating producing flavorful ale and lager.


Denver - The state legislature votes to begin prohibition in 1916. There was a failed attempt to exclude beer from the law. Twelve breweries were operating knowing that the end was coming.


Colorado enters prohibition and goes dry.


With the repeal of prohibition, five Colorado breweries emerge to begin brewing once again.


Colorado doubles the number of operating breweries from one to two. Boulder Beer and is issued the 43rd brewing license in the country. The beginning of a flavor revolution takes place.


Boulder - The first Great American Beer Festival takes place at the HarvestHouse hotel.


Denver & Durango - Colorado gets it first two brewpubs, Wynkoop Brewing and Carver Brewing. These two restaurants begin brewing and serving beer produced on the premise to beer lovers seeking flavor and diversity. There are now four breweries in the state.


Boulder - the Colorado Brewers Guild is founded to promote and protect Colorado craft beer. There are 56 breweries operating in the state, the most since 1875.


Denver - House Bill 1168 becomes law creating the Colorado brew pub license. There are 83 breweries operating in the state.


Colorado sets a new record with 108 breweries operating across the state.


The industry continues to expand with 300 licensed brewers located across the state. From the very large to the very small brewery, Colorado, the state of craft beer continues to evolve.